Q1. What is Mb Whatsapp?

Ans: “In this, I’ll tell you that MBWhatsApp is a modified version of the original whatsapp with IOS themes and features. It’s totally free of cost. Now Android users can use the IOS themes on their own Android devices. Download this latest version apply the features and have experience with it.

Q2. How I can Backup my Chat?

Ans: It’s possible to chat back up. Follow these steps to apply.
For Andriod
Setting>>>Chat option>>>Backup Chat>>>Backup/Restore.
For iPhone
Setting>>>chat>>>Chat Backup.

Q3. Who is the developer of MBWA?

Ans: Stefano YG is a responsible developer of this MbWhatsapp. The developer and his team manage all MBWA performance.

Q4: How to update MB WhatsApp?

Ans: Simply you can open the Mb Whatsapp Home Page and install the updated version.

Q5. How to transfer chat from whatsapp to MbWhatsapp?

Ans: It’s an easy way to transfer chat.

Open this link and learn about transfer chat. Transfer chat from whatsapp to MBWA IOS.

Q6: How to Hide Unhide the Chats?

Ans: If you went to unhide the chat then follow ma.
Click On  “setting”
Tab On “Mb Preference”
Tab On “Screen Conservation”
Tab “Action Bar”

Enable the Action bar then the chat hide and unhide option will appear You can enable and disable as to want.

Q7: Can I use multiple accounts in MBWhatsApp on the same Android?

Ans: Ans: Surely, the User can use the 2 whatsapp accounts at the same time, and on the same Android device. His multiple accounts are helpful for business purposes.

Q8: Can I download Mb Whatsapp on the Google Play Store?

Ans: No, you can’t download the MB WhatsApp on the Google Play Store or App Store. This version is available on Mbfile.net. There you can access the MbWhatsapp Latest Version 2023

Q9: How to change themes in Mb Whatsapp Dark/Light?

Ans: First, 
More Option>>>Setting>>>Chat>>>Themes>>>Active Dark and Light.

Mb whatsapp IOS?

It means that, the mbwhatsapp modified version provide a some IOS Features and IOS UI for free.

Download Mb Whatsapp For Free