How to Transfer chat From Whatsapp to Mb Whatsapp?

If you want to use the Mb whatsapp and your most important data and media files are kept in the original whatsapp, and you did not also want to lose this. Then don’t worry you will follow this step and can easily transfer chat original whatsapp to mb whatsapp.

Important Step to transfer Chats and Media

Step 1. Open the original whatsapp and click on the three dots in the upper right corner.

Step 2. After clicking on these dots then you go to the setting and open the chat option and the backup chat option will appear.

Mb Whatsapp

Setting >>> chat option >>>Backup chat>>> Backup.

Click on the backup. All chats will be backed up automatically.

Backup your chat and all media files/ is an important function in this process.

He will take a few minutes to process the backup.

Step 3.  Now in the next step, you will download the MB Whatsapp apk from our provided links.

Step 4. Install it on your smartphone.

Step 5. Open the File Manager.

Preferred only Android 11 for this whatsapp. Not for Android 11 or below.

Note, If your Android device is below Android 11 then the new mb whatsapp and original whatsapp folder are not inside the phone folder.


Step 6. Now you will open the com. whatsapp folder then clicks on the whatsapp folder where the whatsapp backup chat is created.

Step 7. After opening the com. whatsapp folder then you will see the whatsapp folder, and then you rename the folder whatsapp into MB whatsapp.

Step 8. After all, now you will open the Mb Whatsapp. and tap on allow and continue login with your phone number.

Step9. you will be permitted to receive messages and media.

Step10. Find the backup option and click on this backup. Your messages and media will be back in a few seconds.

Final words

I hope if you follow this given step then your chat transfer problem will be solved. Any problem with this then feel free to contact us. Or write a facing issue in the comment section our team will answer your question.

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