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How do you send images in High Resolution in Whatsapp Plus?

Hello guys, welcome to my new blog, In this message i will explain you how to sand images in high resolution power by whatsapp plus. Yes it’s possible that the high resolution HD images can send them in modified version.

Some peoplel loves with his favourite images because his thoughts connected with this images. And he never lost him. 

This is a amazing feature, after enableing this you can send the images in 3 MB form original image. Moreover, you can also send the 500 imgaes at the same time.

Follow this guide to enable this awesome features of latest whatsappPlus.

Follow Steps for sending images in High Resolution in whatsapp Plus

  1. First of all, you will downlaod the whatsapp plus by provided link from this website. And you will verify the new whatsapp Plus with an official whatsapp account.
  1. After completing the boarding of official whatsapp, you click the top right corner on three dots in whatsappplus. 
  1. Now, go to the “setting option” and towards the “universel>>>setting menu”.
  1. Then you will scroll down the settings menu then will find the Send Images in Full Resolution. 
  1. After locating, you will set the toggle on his highest position on 3 MBs.

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