How to Lock Privacy Conservation on whatsapp Plus. Whatsapp Plus

How to Lock Privacy Conservation on whatsapp Plus (Guide)

When someone chooses any modified version of a messaging app like whatsapp, or Messenger, One question comes to his mind in the modified version of our personal and all chat data be secure?

Don’t Worry about this privacy, The modified version provides powerful privacy for securing whatsapp internal data.

In Whatsapp Plus APK, users can get access to lock features Like PIN Code, Fingerprint, and Pattern. Users can select any privacy option for securing whatsapp data.

Follow the Steps to Lock all conservation on whatsapp Plus

  1. First of all, you will download and install whatsapp Plus from the given download link. 

2. Then, you will verify whatsapp with the phone number doing chat restore Backup.

3. Then open any conversation from the whatsapp chat list.

4. After selecting a particular chat you click on the three dots and go to the settings menu.

5. In the setting menu tab the lock conservation.

6. After tabbing on lock conservation, the lock menu will appear like the pin code, FingerPrint, and Pattern choose any.

Choose a lock




7. Finally, choose the password or pattern according to your wish, and your password will be updated. When you open the conservation first this app will ask for the password that you set for this conservation privacy. Then enter the password and get access to chat.

8. Now Your chat will be secure from any issues.

With the help of whatsapp Plus you can secure the chat from any source. like pincode Password, and pattern, the original version does not provide this privacy feature. You have three different sources for making chat private. Select and enjoy with hard privacy.

If You unlock the conservation then read this blow guide

  1. Before all, you will open the WhatsApp Plus,

2. Then you will put in the security password click on the three-don’ts and go from to settings in the last options.

3. After, you will see the option of unlocking conservation. Click on this.

4. Your chat will be unlocked successfully. 

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