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How to Customise Whatsapp Plus like a professional? (Guide)

In this blog, I will tell you how to optimise whatsapp plus in a professional or pro interference. With the help of this customization feature users can change the whatsapp UI for free. Now I will describe all the steps of functions that help you for better and attractive customization. 

In fact, Whatsapp Plus clarifies the customization makes it easy to enjoy a unique interference like the pro. One of its remarkable features which is a favourite of everyone is the preview options. This allow us to see how your chosen option style and size will look before applying them. 

Moreover, with straightforward action, this user can change the padding, size, header, footer, and font styles for text messages and profile names, as well as customized emoji styles.”

Simple steps for  pro customization in whatsapp Plus

  • Download the WhatsApp Plus  
  • Will verify with the phone number 
  • Then click on the top right corner three-dots 
  • Open the Plus setting 
  • Then will tab on the Universal Tab 
  • All functions appear for customization like Padding, Size, Header(top section), footer(bottom section), Font style, and emojis. 

Certainly! Here’s an easy-to-understand guide on how to customize various aspects of WhatsApp Plus.

  1. Padding and Size
  • The Modified whatsapp allows adjusting and changing the size of elements.
  • First, you will open the whatsapp and go to the “Plus Setting
  • Then find the “Chat customization” or ‘Chat/Screen” option and click on it.
  • After clicking, the user can change the element Padding and Size to your satisfaction.


2. Colors

  • For changing colors in whatsapp Plus.
  • Navigate the “Plus Setting”
  • And find the select color or themes option.
  • After this, you can optimize whatsapp with background colors, header, footer colors, and text colors according to their wish.Padding and Size

3. Fonts

  • If the user wants to change the font style.
  • Go to the “Main Chat/Screen” or related.
  • There, you can usually change the font size and sometimes the font style.

4. Header and Footers

  • Whatsapp Plus also allows to doing changing in the whatsapp header and footer sections.
  • The user opens the Universal tab and clicks on it for customization.
  • “After customizing WhatsApp Plus, you can go to the header and footer section to make further edits and customize them according to your preferences.”


5. Emojis Style

  • The latest whatsapp include a lot of emoji styles for user.
  • You will find the emoji customization option in the “Plus Setting”
  • User can change the differences and various styles to change how emoji looks in your whatsapp chat.

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