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How to Check Who Blocked You In MB Whatsapp or Whatsapp?

In this modern generation,  you will need to use mb whatsapp to access this feature and if you use the Mbwhatsapp latest version, then you can know who blocked you.

Original whatsapp does not give access to this feature. Only mb whatsapp provides this feature. Users do not think about this feature for Android. Now it is possible due to mb whatsapp. 

After the user will follow these few steps then you can easily see which person is blocking him on whatsapp or mb WhatsApp.

The reason why blocked you 

Any reason can be happened for blocked. If people do not take an interest in you then he adds you to his blocked list. By using this modified app anyone can check which blocked you. After knowing this, you do not need to waste your time with people who can’t want to talk. Then Only focus on your life aim/goal and change your life and become a successful person. Only take a rule first Give Respect Take Respect.

[Now step by step follow me after will show you which people blocked you]

Mb Whatsapp

Steps For Knowing Which People Blocked You

Step 1. First, you will open the mb Whatsapp and click on the setting in the lower right corner.

Step 2. Now a page will be opened in front of you then tap on the “ Mb Preferences” option

Step 3. Simply you will click on the show why blocked your option.

After opening this option a members list will be visible, Then you can realize these people blocked you.

The people whose list you are viewing do not want to talk to you. Finally, do not waste your precious time and become valuable by doing hard work.

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