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How to recover Voice Messages deleted By Mistakes in Blue WhatsApp 

Hello, Welcome to my new blog, If your whatsapp voice recording is deleted by mistake and this deleted voice is very important for you or any personal detail, and you want to recover it. Then don’t worry it is possible, Now you can recover any voice recording message with the help of blue whatsapp plus an update 

If you want to recover your lost media than follow this guide.

Guideline To recover Voice Messages in blue Whatsapp

Your voice recording messages can be recovered by applying the following guides.

  1. Go to the Phone internal storage where folder of download file. 
  2. Then open this and navigate the media storage file.
  3. When you will open this media file than you will see the “Recover Deleted Media Files
  4. You will need to active this and your lost voice message is recover in few second.

This is very valuable feature of blue whatsapp Because when you active this and your audio file is downloading for listen.

Try Other Modified Versions

Final Words

Download the Blue Whatsapp Plus for free by enjoy all advance features of modified versions. Specially this feature do help you to losing voice message Phone Internal Storage>>>Download File>>>Media File>>>Media>>>Active.

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