How to Install TM WhatsApp Latest Version without losing BackUp?

It’s possible. You can install the new TM WhatsApp app without losing Backup Chat. This feature is so interesting and better used.

If you want to download the tmwhatsapp and also don’t want to lose your previous chat then don’t worry. My recommended whatsapp provides a backup feature that helps you in retrieving chat. I will tell you how to install tm WhatsApp’s latest Version without losing Backup chat, Then read the all guides.

First, you will tmwhatsapp download from here for free.

Guide For Tm Whatsapp app

  1.  After your first act go to the phone “internal storage media” 
  2. Then navigate to the installed file folder and rename the net.tmWhatsApp1 into nettmwhatsapp.

Phone>>>Internal storage Media>>>com.tmwhatsapp1

  1. After renaming, you will uninstall the old version of whatsapp. 
  2. Now you will install the updated version of the tmwhatsapp form Here.

Open the updated Version and click on the allow option to continue.

Find the backup chat option and click on it. Your chat is back up in a few seconds.

After completing the process of backup your updated whatsapp is ready to use with additional features.

If you face the app not installed error then read this guide to solve issue.


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