TM Whatsapp Profile View Toast Feature

In This Blog, I will describe the new advanced feature of the tm whatsapp app. Which is about Profile View Toast, I will explain its features and the related Things That benefit users then read all guides before performing.

About This Features

This feature is amazing when you enable it on whatsapp. With the Profile view toast feature, if your contacts friends, or anyone else views your profile, you will receive the notification that the member has visited your profile. 

Notification will be a  form of whatsapp messages.

How to Enable This Feature In tm Whatsapp?

  1. First of all, you download the latest version of tm whatsapp from here.
  2. Then you navigate the whatsapp settings open the privacy and look at the profile view toast feature.
  3. Only you will enable it.
  4. Thats It.

At last, someone visited your profile then a toast notification.

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