How Many Languages Does MB WhatsApp iOS Offer to its Users?

In this topic, I will tell you that the modified version of MB WhatsApp has provided more languages to use MBWA. Because content on Google is only in English, someone can’t understand Google United States English, whenever and everyone is an expert in their own language.

It is a huge advantage for users of the modified version. In this, a user can choose their own spoken language. If you live in another foreign country like Saudi- Arabia, China, Indonesia, german, or any other country and want to talk in your own language then simply will download the MbWhatsapp IOS and select the language and enjoy talking with your favorite.

Preferred Language By Mb Whatsapp

The following Language

  1. English
  2. Arabic
  3. Espanol
  4. Italian
  5. Porteguese (Brazilian)
  6. Hindi
  7. German
  8. Turkish
  9. Russian
  10. Indonesian
  11. Bahasa Malaysia
  12. Spanish

How to Select Language in Mb Whatsapp

If to want to chat with your own national/mother language. You follow these given steps to select the language, after downloading the MbWhatsapp Latest Version 2023.

  1. Go to “Settings”
  2. After Tab the “Mb Preferences”
  3. Then Tab on “FM Modes”
  4. Click on the “App Languages”

Go to Settings>>>Mb Preferences>>>FM Modes>>>App Languages.

After applying this method you are able to choose any language and then talk.


Q1. What is Mb Whatsapp?

Ans: “In this, I’ll tell you that MB WhatsApp is a modified version of the original whatsapp with IOS themes and features. It’s totally free of cost. Now Android users can use the IOS themes on their own Android devices. Download this latest version apply the features and have experience with it.

Q4: How to update MB WhatsApp?

Ans: Simply you can open the Mb Whatsapp Home Page and install the updated version.

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