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MB WhatsApp Advantages and Disadvantages – Is It safe or dangerous?

Whenever someone uses a modified version, the first question that comes to mind is whether it is safe or not. Our privacy will be secure. Because many updated versions are available on the internet, which one is better or safe to use?

Because the third-party developer developed this modified version of Mb Whatsapp. We can not confirm the danger but I can say this much about it: 80% safe to use.

Advantage Of Mb Whatsapp

Some advantage is useful for whatsapp users.

  1. Customized Fonts and themes
  2. 3000+ colors 
  3. Flight Mode
  4. Single and double ticks options
  5. IOS UI
  6. Hide chat
  7. Hide Status
  8. Hide contact name
  9. Story Status
  10. Auto reply
  11. Anti-view again
  12. Save Status
  13. More Privacy options
  14. Chat Export feature
  15. Backup mod

The disadvantage of Mb Whatsapp

Sometimes this app will ban your whatsapp account temporarily or permanently without any reason.

It is very necessary to know, that you can not download the modified version from the google play store. 

Then you will need to download it from any Google website. If you download from any dangerous and risky site then you will face any problem at any time.

Sometimes bugs can be attacked.

I will better recommend that you can download the secure whatsapp from our website.

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